Our Own House

Punta Gorda Town, or PG as the locals call it, is in the southernmost region of Belize surrounded by some of the richest natural environments in Central America. It’s a small town so remote people remember a time of unpaved roads and no plastics in sight. Yet, in just over a decade, plastics have sprung up everywhere and the otherwise carefree existence in Punta Gorda is threatened. Our Own House is a portrait of a community coming to grips with the reality of managing plastic in one of the most remote towns in the world. Country: Belize Year of release: 2020 Length of film: 22 mins Genre: Documentary Language: English Directors: Tyler Robinson, Vanessa Bergonzoli, Jeremy Kaplan Awards: Belize International Film Festival 2021 Wild and Scenic 2021 Sonoma International Film Festival 2021 Newport Beach Film Festival 2021 Montauk Film Festival Film Festival 2021 Louisville International Film Festival 2021 Global Extraction Film Festival 2021 Frozen River Film Festival 2021 DC Environmental Film Festival 2021 Arizona Short Film Festival 2021. Visions du Reel 2020 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2020 Suncine Environmental Film Festival 2020 SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2020 San Diego Underground Film Festival 2020 Reading Film Festival 2020 Monadnock International Film Festival 2020 Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival 2020 Colorado International Activism Film Festival 2020 Chesapeake Film Festival 2020.