Inna Di Mix is a contemporary, talent-based competition series, showcasing a dynamic group of Jamaican mixologists blending their way through an ultimate battle of skill and personality. The mix of self-confident, adaptable, unassuming, careful, mischievous and fair-minded characters will all culminate in a reality setting and is sure to eclipse as the episodes progress. All efforts to navigate their way to the top will be captured by cameras from all angles and only those with stamina, style and a darn good tasting drink, are guaranteed to make the cut. The show takes on a reality-type filming style to enhance the experience of both participants and viewers. Mixologists are encouraged to bring more to the table than just the ability to blend. Each episode tells a captivating story that’s crafted on the spot courtesy of our vibrant bunch of talents. Viewers will be rewarded with more than a demonstration of bartending capabilities but will also get a front-row seat to the inspirations, emotions and interactions behind every product; giving more substance and meaning to each challenge. Consider each episode as an exploration of Jamaica’s breathtaking scenery as well as the expertise of these bar chefs. The unique element added to this series is the pairing of great-tasting drinks with a diverse menu of meals for some challenges; as some of the best drinking experiences are had when the perfect mix compliments the perfect meal. In addition, short-form video features on relevant interesting facts will be used as segues to enhance the production value. Tonally, the production carries a mix of playful high-energy, dramatic and slight malevolent emphasis. Each episode mixer/s will be eliminated and they will leave the property and go home. GENRE: Reality - Competition YEAR: 2022 COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Jamaica LANGAUGE: English