Creative Repair | Moving Back, Looking Forward | Michael Lees

"Fresh food, water, community, a sense of freedom. These are all things that are integral to being alive as a human being... [I]n Dominica...we have them in abundance" In this autobiographical piece film maker and photographer Michael Lees reflects on how the free, untameable and wild nature of Dominica supported the island's healing in Maria's wake. Michael discusses his 'Moving Back, Looking Forward' photography series as it gives recognition to the grace with which Dominicans who had endured so much pieced their daily lives together. He reflects on the power of spirituality, people's hope, gratitude for their island and faith in the future. He discusses his reasons for coming home to Dominica after going away to study, and his bond to his country after surviving Maria alone in the forest - where he was making a film. Language: English Year of release: 2022 Country: Dominica Genre: Feature DocumentaryProducers: Michael Lees, Adom Philogene Heron, Annabel Wilson and Khade Elwin