The Alrick Show

The Alrick Show is a half hour talk show featuring celebrities sharing the real deep layers of their lives that they struggle with, how they triumph and remain true to their purpose. The show also explores health, spirituality, literature, social issues and other powerful human interest stories from guests that will cause people to think, become better and become more. Alrick uses this platform to inspire and empower viewers. The Alrick Show was launched on February 4, 2018. Mr. McKenzie celebrates 10 years on television as host and executive producer and is also responsible for the creation of over 200 commercials for local and international brands. The Alrick Show is a production of ABSOLUT VENTURES of which Alrick is CEO. GENRE: Talk Show YEAR: 2021 COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Jamaica LANGUAGE: EnglishPRODCUER: Alrick McKenzie